Getting ready for Christmas?


Getting ready for Christmas?

Did you know that our self-storage facilities are accessible to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

That makes it easy if you are looking for somewhere to put the Christmas gifts!

In an age of smaller houses with less cupboard space, it is much more difficult to hide the Christmas presents from over-excited and impatient little ones.

It can be especially difficult if those gifts are large, such as that new bicycle your child has asked for.

What you can’t store

There are some items that for fire and other safety or hygiene reasons we cannot allow people to store in our units, for the sake of everyone who uses them.

They include:

Food and perishable goods unless they are securely packed. We don’t want to attract the interest of rats, mice or other organisms!

Birds, fish, animals and any other living creature.

Combustible or Flammable materials such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents and compressed gases.

Explosives, firearms, weapons or ammunition.

Chemical, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos.

Any item which emits smells, odour or fumes.

Illegal substances, items or goods illegally obtained.

Storage for a short time can also be useful if you need to create space over the festive season for visiting friends and family. Just pack those ornaments and other stuff in boxes and put them in your self-store unit.

Why not call us to find out more about the costs, terms and conditions.

Self-storage to the rescue for winter and Christmas


Self-storage to the rescue for winter and Christmas

The size of the average new-build UK home has reduced dramatically over the years and with it the space available for storage.

It is the same story with gardens, and at this time of year, when the weather is becoming colder and wetter, you may want to put the garden furniture under cover and perhaps also the lawnmower and other equipment.

Self-storage is a convenient and affordable solution for both these problems.

It will also soon be Christmas and you may need a place to store gifts away from impatient young people in order not to spoil the surprise of a new bicycle or other large gift.

Christmas is also a time when it is traditional for families to visit so the run-up to the festive season is a good time to de-clutter the house.

Again, if you need to make space for visitors but have items you may not use everyday and don’t want to get rid of altogether, self-storage is a useful option.

It is secure, dry and accessible when you need it, so why not give us a call to find out more about the cost and terms?

We can always source a cabin


We can always source a cabin

As the weather improves demand for our storage containers begins to surge.

However, even if we are at full capacity, we can quickly get hold of another one so our customers are not left in the lurch, as happened recently when we received a phone call to book one on a Friday, and we were able to get one by the Saturday morning.

Demand at this time of year is mainly from construction companies as the work starts to increase with the better weather.

They are usually wanting secure buildings on site and we can supply them with mobile office-style cabins, all insulated and complete with windows and doors but with the added security of external shutters that can be closed when the buildings are not in use.

Later in the year, we expect more requests from schools in need of either additional classroom or office space.

For those who want to rent, rather than buy storage space, our minimum rental period is for three months.

The containers are kept on a secure site to ensure your valuables are safe. However, if, for example, you are moving to a new house and have a suitable space on your driveway, we can deliver the container unit for you to load yourself then take it back to our storage site until you are ready to put your furniture into your new home.

If you want to know more about our self-storage rental or about buying a secure container or cabin please do get in touch.

Why our self-storage is unique


Our self-storage division will soon be two years old!

In February 2018 our self-storage facilities will be two years old.

Set in secure premises surrounded by a 2.4 metre-high steel security fencing palisade with big steel gates we offer safe, secure storage 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

How can you be sure your property is secure? Everyone gets their own key to the gate and a padlock for the container, for which we charge a deposit.

Very soon, installation of CCTV will be completed, with remote access so that we can check on security from any location via the internet.

Why is our storage unique?

We believe we are the only self-storage company that will deliver a container to your premises, as long as you have the space and good access.  This means you only have to load your property once. We recently did this for a home owner, depositing the 10 ft container on their driveway giving them a weekend to pack everything to their satisfaction before we picked it up and took it back to our yard.

All our containers are new, no more than two years old, and all have insulated roofs to ensure no moisture gets in to potentially damage stored property.

Who uses our storage?

Many of our customers are small businesses and tradespeople such as plumbers, construction companies and sole traders needing somewhere to store their stock.

However, we also have clients who are regulars at car boot sales, as well as people who are moving home, or going to work abroad for a period of time and need somewhere to store their possessions while they rent out their homes.

We can also offer secure space for vehicles, such as caravans and vans and we have one client who has a trailer that he leaves with us in between uses.