Getting ready for Christmas?

Did you know that our self-storage facilities are accessible to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

That makes it easy if you are looking for somewhere to put the Christmas gifts!

In an age of smaller houses with less cupboard space, it is much more difficult to hide the Christmas presents from over-excited and impatient little ones.

It can be especially difficult if those gifts are large, such as that new bicycle your child has asked for.

What you can’t store

There are some items that for fire and other safety or hygiene reasons we cannot allow people to store in our units, for the sake of everyone who uses them.

They include:

Food and perishable goods unless they are securely packed. We don’t want to attract the interest of rats, mice or other organisms!

Birds, fish, animals and any other living creature.

Combustible or Flammable materials such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents and compressed gases.

Explosives, firearms, weapons or ammunition.

Chemical, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos.

Any item which emits smells, odour or fumes.

Illegal substances, items or goods illegally obtained.

Storage for a short time can also be useful if you need to create space over the festive season for visiting friends and family. Just pack those ornaments and other stuff in boxes and put them in your self-store unit.

Why not call us to find out more about the costs, terms and conditions.