Our self-storage division will soon be two years old!

In February 2018 our self-storage facilities will be two years old.

Set in secure premises surrounded by a 2.4 metre-high steel security fencing palisade with big steel gates we offer safe, secure storage 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

How can you be sure your property is secure? Everyone gets their own key to the gate and a padlock for the container, for which we charge a deposit.

Very soon, installation of CCTV will be completed, with remote access so that we can check on security from any location via the internet.

Why is our storage unique?

We believe we are the only self-storage company that will deliver a container to your premises, as long as you have the space and good access.  This means you only have to load your property once. We recently did this for a home owner, depositing the 10 ft container on their driveway giving them a weekend to pack everything to their satisfaction before we picked it up and took it back to our yard.

All our containers are new, no more than two years old, and all have insulated roofs to ensure no moisture gets in to potentially damage stored property.

Who uses our storage?

Many of our customers are small businesses and tradespeople such as plumbers, construction companies and sole traders needing somewhere to store their stock.

However, we also have clients who are regulars at car boot sales, as well as people who are moving home, or going to work abroad for a period of time and need somewhere to store their possessions while they rent out their homes.

We can also offer secure space for vehicles, such as caravans and vans and we have one client who has a trailer that he leaves with us in between uses.