We can always source a cabin


We can always source a cabin

As the weather improves demand for our storage containers begins to surge.

However, even if we are at full capacity, we can quickly get hold of another one so our customers are not left in the lurch, as happened recently when we received a phone call to book one on a Friday, and we were able to get one by the Saturday morning.

Demand at this time of year is mainly from construction companies as the work starts to increase with the better weather.

They are usually wanting secure buildings on site and we can supply them with mobile office-style cabins, all insulated and complete with windows and doors but with the added security of external shutters that can be closed when the buildings are not in use.

Later in the year, we expect more requests from schools in need of either additional classroom or office space.

For those who want to rent, rather than buy storage space, our minimum rental period is for three months.

The containers are kept on a secure site to ensure your valuables are safe. However, if, for example, you are moving to a new house and have a suitable space on your driveway, we can deliver the container unit for you to load yourself then take it back to our storage site until you are ready to put your furniture into your new home.

If you want to know more about our self-storage rental or about buying a secure container or cabin please do get in touch.