Self-storage to the rescue for winter and Christmas

The size of the average new-build UK home has reduced dramatically over the years and with it the space available for storage.

It is the same story with gardens, and at this time of year, when the weather is becoming colder and wetter, you may want to put the garden furniture under cover and perhaps also the lawnmower and other equipment.

Self-storage is a convenient and affordable solution for both these problems.

It will also soon be Christmas and you may need a place to store gifts away from impatient young people in order not to spoil the surprise of a new bicycle or other large gift.

Christmas is also a time when it is traditional for families to visit so the run-up to the festive season is a good time to de-clutter the house.

Again, if you need to make space for visitors but have items you may not use everyday and don’t want to get rid of altogether, self-storage is a useful option.

It is secure, dry and accessible when you need it, so why not give us a call to find out more about the cost and terms?