A 20 mph speed limit in Wales?


A 20 mph speed limit in Wales?

The RHA (Road Haulage Association) has questioned the introduction of a default 20mph speed limit on Welsh roads.

It says “In the move, 7,700 miles of road will go from 30mph to 20mph, increasing the number of roads in Wales with a 20mph limit from around 2.5 per cent to 35 per cent.”

This is despite opposition from the public and businesses, it says.

“The lower speed limit will be suitable for some roads such as in city centres or outside schools, but elsewhere drivers will waste time in traffic jams, burning fuel while stopping and starting repeatedly.”

It is also participating in an upcoming conference on the state of Welsh roads.

It is calling for more investment in the road infrastructure and is holding a conference in October:

The RHA National Lorry Week event, is being held at RHA Associate Member, Fuel Active’s premises near Cardiff on Thursday 12 October.

Transport Focus


Transport Focus


Today’s survey findings from watchdog Transport Focus show that less than half of lorry and coach companies are satisfied with England’s major roads. This is deeply concerning.

National Highways must place greater priority on the experience of users. Road freight and coach industries should be at the heart of decisions relating to the Strategic Road Network.

With 79 percent of freight moved on our motorways, road freight plays an irreplaceable role in our supply chains. Reliable and predictable journeys are essential for our productivity and economic growth.

Increased satisfaction measures on the issues most important to users including: improved road surfaces; better information about roadworks, unplanned disruptions and unplanned delays; should be monitored and evaluated. We look forward to user satisfaction measures being linked to the objectives for National Highways.

Transport Focus’ survey measures the satisfaction from businesses on a variety of metrics related to motorways. Overall motorway satisfaction in the freight sector sits at around 49 percent, below 2020-21 levels at 55 percent.

RHA will continue to press National Highways and the Department for Transport to make these issues a priority.