A bittersweet anniversary


A bittersweet anniversary

35 years ago this month saw the birth of Ticks Haulage.

Tick started ‘Ticks Haulage’ with a 7.5 ton crane lorry. The company is based in Manningtree, Essex, where it also has a self storage facility.

As you know Tick sadly died before we reached this milestone, but we’re sure he would have been happy to see the business continuing and going from strength to strength.

We have been regular attendees at various Truckfests showing off our lorries and as some of you will know Harry has been raising money for MacMillan Cancer Care.

We’re all proud of our history and Harry’s efforts.

National Lorry week and update on the Government’s Net Zero programme


National Lorry week and update on the Government’s Net Zero programme

National Lorry week takes place this year from October 23 to 29 and is run by the RHA (Rod Haulage Association).

Now in its ninth year the event has been looking to the future of the industry. This year it focused on promoting road safety among primary school children, and showcasing the vital role that lorries play in our daily lives.

Its roadshow travels across the four nations of the UK for four weeks, showcasing the industry and everything it has to offer.

Meanwhile The Government has announced the next stage of its Net Zero programme committing £200m into ZERFD significantly to help to de-risk the transition to Net Zero.

While the RHA is committed to the project it also recognises the complexity of the policy for road haulage.

“Richard Smith, RHA Managing Director, said: “Unlike cars and vans, the pathway to decarbonise remains unclear as significant technical challenges exist to reduce emissions from trucks and coaches.”

However, the RHA has launched its own NetZero initiatives> They are a Net Zero Forum created in August 2023 and the publication in early September of its own “roadmap” to Net Zero to structure the tasks that lie ahead so that we can decarbonise the HGV and coach fleets rationally and viably.

A 20 mph speed limit in Wales?


A 20 mph speed limit in Wales?

The RHA (Road Haulage Association) has questioned the introduction of a default 20mph speed limit on Welsh roads.

It says “In the move, 7,700 miles of road will go from 30mph to 20mph, increasing the number of roads in Wales with a 20mph limit from around 2.5 per cent to 35 per cent.”

This is despite opposition from the public and businesses, it says.

“The lower speed limit will be suitable for some roads such as in city centres or outside schools, but elsewhere drivers will waste time in traffic jams, burning fuel while stopping and starting repeatedly.”

It is also participating in an upcoming conference on the state of Welsh roads.

It is calling for more investment in the road infrastructure and is holding a conference in October:

The RHA National Lorry Week event, is being held at RHA Associate Member, Fuel Active’s premises near Cardiff on Thursday 12 October.

Transport Focus


Transport Focus


Today’s survey findings from watchdog Transport Focus show that less than half of lorry and coach companies are satisfied with England’s major roads. This is deeply concerning.

National Highways must place greater priority on the experience of users. Road freight and coach industries should be at the heart of decisions relating to the Strategic Road Network.

With 79 percent of freight moved on our motorways, road freight plays an irreplaceable role in our supply chains. Reliable and predictable journeys are essential for our productivity and economic growth.

Increased satisfaction measures on the issues most important to users including: improved road surfaces; better information about roadworks, unplanned disruptions and unplanned delays; should be monitored and evaluated. We look forward to user satisfaction measures being linked to the objectives for National Highways.

Transport Focus’ survey measures the satisfaction from businesses on a variety of metrics related to motorways. Overall motorway satisfaction in the freight sector sits at around 49 percent, below 2020-21 levels at 55 percent.

RHA will continue to press National Highways and the Department for Transport to make these issues a priority.

Haulage facing the future


Haulage facing the future

The Road Haulage Association has launched a number of initiatives aimed at preparing for the future of road transport in the face of environmental protection needs.

The Net Zero Forum will bring together members, industry experts, policymakers, and environmental organisations to collectively produce industry’s roadmap to Net Zero.

It will share information on technology advances, best practice and research into sustainable transport.

Among the goals for improving road transport are reducing levels of nitrogen oxides to within the legal limit of 40 nanograms per cubic metre. This is a target set by government for all road vehicles.

In terms of CO2 emissions, the Government’s long-term goal is to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles

The RHA will also be holding a Forum for the Future in Birmingham in September.

It will “bring together more than 20 key figures speakers from industry, government and aligned sectors”.

The aim is to make the industry fit for the future and to help haulage companies find ways to make their business fit for the future.

Secure parking for lorry drivers is critical


Secure parking for lorry drivers is critical

A new government report reveals that lorry parking availability is at a ‘critical’ level.

It found that demand for secure overnight parking is at 99 in the East of England, and at 87% nationally.

Facilities such as rest rooms and toilets have also long been a topic of concern to drivers.

The RHA (Road Haulage Association) has called on ministers to work with the industry to improve the situation.

It wants to see a national facilities taskforce, formed of government officials – both national and local – trade associations and industry representatives to tackle the situation.

RHA MD Richard Smith said: “We’ve long pushed for more, better and safer roadside facilities. Drivers deserve them and developers want to build them, so now’s the time to bring the right people together to make it happen.”

Heavy vehicle testing review Have your say


Heavy vehicle testing review Have your say

The RHA has just issued this notification:

The Department for Transport (DfT) is consulting on making changes to the HGV roadworthiness test requirements which, should the proposals go ahead, would apply to Earned Recognition operators only. This follows a DfT review last year on whether it was worth changing the way tests are currently conducted for Earned Recognition operators.

The consultation covers four possible options:

1) to increase the time between tests

2) to allow delegated testing

3) to reduce the test content

4) to improve the service DVSA provides to Earned Recognition operators to minimise testing burdens

The RHA intends to respond to the DfT consultation in the following manner:

The RHA’s supports the principles of delegated testing and increased time between tests, and that these should be extended to include operators who score “green” under DVSA’s Operator Compliance Risk Score system. However, the RHA believes it would be best to trial the increased time between tests, so that potential safety issues can be addressed.

Furthermore, the RHA does not support the reduction of test content on safety grounds. Regarding the final option, the RHA’s stance is that all operators should be treated equally by DVSA in terms of the service provision given.

If you would like to feed through comments to inform the RHA’s response, then please send them to RHA Policy Lead – Environment and Vehicles Chris Ashley via [email protected] by 31 May 2023.

If you would like to respond to the DfT consultation directly, you can do so here. The deadline for responses is 11.45pm on 9 June 2023.

Truckfest Peterborough

Truckfest Peterborough

Truckfest Peterborough

We will be at Peterborough with our trucks in all their glory for the Truckfest event on April 30 and May 1.

This is the first Truckfest of the year’s calendar so why not come along and see us at the Est of England showground.

Visitor parking is free and available on site. Limited disabled parking spaces are also allocated, please display your blue badge on arrival to the show.

Among the entertainments will be:

  • Monster Truck Car Crushing Action. See the mighty Swamp Thing and Slingshot in action.
  • Broke FMX. …
  • Slingshot Ride Truck. …
  • Lots of trucks on display! …
  • Owaysis…
  • Twist of Rock. …
  • Sound Injectors. …
  •  Gladness

Why not come along and say hello?

Tom’s fundraiser for cancer research


Tom’s fundraiser for cancer research

Tom Steward is taking part in the Easter 50 Ultra challenge on the 1st April in memory of his dad, Tick, who died last year.

He will be raising money for Cancer Research UK.

The Easter 50 challenge is based at its Windsor Racecourse base camp.

Around 1500 adventurers are expected to follow the 50 Km route through the Great Park with fantastic views of the Castle, on to Runnymede, along the Thames Path, and takes in some wonderful countryside. Participants get full support all the way, a few post Easter surprises, a celebration finish at base camp, and a hot meal.

To donate go to Tom’s Just Giving page here: