The importance of Road Haulage to the UK economy

As the campaigning for the General Election continues James Barwise, RHA policy lead, appearing on BBC Politics South East, said new road projects are essential to make journeys more efficient.

Declan Pang, RHA Director of Policy and Public Affairs has also highlighted the needs of the Road Haulage industry:

He said: “At a time of rising cost pressures and regulations for businesses, there remains many unanswered questions on how the various parties will approach a number of key challenges. 

“Whoever forms the next Government will need to work collaboratively with industry to help minimise the financial burden on operators to support economic growth.

“The total cost of operating an HGV has increased by 10% over the past year and because of these rising costs, some hauliers have gone out of business and some other operators are running at a loss with their margins wiped out by cost increases. 

“With the average profit margin of a haulier at just 2% (which equates to around £70 per week or £3500 per year profit per lorry), the next Government needs to minimise taxation for operators, particularly given that the cost of distribution impacts the prices on our shelves and the cost of living.

“As businesses try to navigate rising costs and different regulations, we want the next Government to consider a review of road freight regulations which can be simplified and reduced. “

The RHA is also calling for the suspension of the HGV levy and a ringfencing of future funds for green fuelling infrastructure.