RHA news update


RHA news update

The RHA (Road Haulage Association) has welcomed the news that the proposed EES (Entry and Exit System) for the EU has been delayed.

Due to come into force this May, it has now been put back until the end of the year to give haulage companies time to prepare.

The system would have required non-EU citizens to be fingerprinted and photographed potentially causing significant delays at ports.

In other news the RHA has a benevolent fund to help those associated with the haulage industry who are experiencing hard times in the current economic crisis.

In the past it has helped with:

  • Buying food, clothing and white goods.
  • Help towards outstanding bills and priority debt such as mortgage or rental arrears.
  • Funding for training – redundant drivers can apply for a free Driver CPC or driver medical to help them return to work.
  • Much-needed aid equipment, such as wet rooms, wheelchairs, specialist beds, etc.
  • Essential home improvements.
  • Travel expenses for hospital visits.

There is more information on how to apply on the RHA website or call 01733 856615