Making workplaces safe post pandemic


Making workplaces safe post pandemic

As businesses are starting to re-open gradually following the pandemic lockdown, they are having to make sure that employees are kept safe if they need them to be at their workplaces.

This means not only setting up sanitising points at entrances and throughout their buildings and introducing strict cleaning regimes.

In many cases, it will also mean spacing out desks and other furniture so that people can work at a safe distance from each other.

But while this equipment may not be needed in the short term, eventually businesses may well need to re-install it.

In the meantime, it will need to be stored somewhere.

If your business premises do not have enough space to do this we can offer safe, secure storage for you.

There is space available in our self-storage facility, which is accessible 24/7 and secure, so if you need to ensure that your small business has the supplies it needs to continue operating, why not give us a call.