RHA campaigns for a national policy on clean air zones and lorries


RHA campaigns for a national policy on clean air zones and lorries

The Road Haulage Association has launched a campaign for more national consistency on Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

At the moment, it says, every local authority sets its own rules, and this is causing problems for hauliers.

A statement from the RHA policy unit the organisation said: “In principle, the RHA does not dispute the policy intention behind CAZ. Following the ClientEarth court wins, the Government has at face value seemingly gripped the need to bring down harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. This should be welcome news. We all want a healthy clean environment.”

However, the practical implications for hauliers and for local businesses trying to comply have not been thought through properly.

It argues that, given the shortage of second-hand, Euro VI emission standard, compliant with the current CAZ standards such vehicles are both hard to come by and are selling at inflated prices.

It says that the Government is also failing to understand how competitive the haulage industry is, with its current low knock-on effect to consumer prices.

“All this pain can be avoided however if ministers urgently change course and implement a smarter policy framework to reduce NOx emissions. We can be cleaner and at less cost.”

RHA is calling on the government to review existing regulation to allow Local Authorities to charge only the oldest dirtiest vehicles across all vehicle type and to allow differential charges. It also wants the Government to “mandate that auto-pay is available for all vehicles including non-UK vehicles and when CAZ charges will end.”

The RHA argues that both a cleaner environment and support for haulage industry, the low-cost economy and jobs are all possible with a better framework of regulations.