What not to store in a storage container


Things you should never store in a storage container

Some weird and wonderful things have been found in storage containers in the USA, including a severed leg, and the remains of someone’s grandmother (thankfully in a coffin) and we’re sure our customers in the UK have more common sense!

However, we thought you would like a checklist of items to not put in storage, largely because to do so would be dangerous.

So here they are

Anything alive, or that will decay easily:  No pets (obviously, although apparently some people have tried), but also fresh foods, including pet foods. They will decay and will inevitably attract rats and mice, or mould and bacteria, as they decay.

Hazardous materials: anything that has the potential to create substantial damage if opened or spilled is considered a hazardous material.

This includes chemicals, aerosol cans, acids, gases, gasoline, propane tanks, lamp or motor oils, pains, paint thinners, cleaners, pesticides, weed killers, car batteries, fireworks, alcohol and charcoal. They are all highly flammable and some can also be corrosive.

Similarly, do not store garden equipment, such as lawn mowers, that are petrol driven unless you have emptied the tank first.

The last thing you need is for any of your treasured storage items – or anyone else’s – to be destroyed by fire or by infestations.