Diversifying and expanding our services


Diversifying and expanding our services

As we reach the second anniversary of our storage operation we have been expanding our services to meet growing demand from customers.

As you know, we have a secure storage site where business and private customers can safely store their goods and property.

There are 36 containers, each measuring 20ft by 8ft on the site, which are used by private customers to store possessions during a house move, when downsizing to a smaller property or when spring cleaning. We can also leave units at customers’ property, where they have enough space, so that they can load storage items themselves for transport either back to our storage depot or to their next location.

Businesses use our units for everything from archiving records they need to keep to storing stock, which can be particularly useful for e-commerce businesses.

Recently we have purchased a different type of trailer, with a flat bed for moving cabins.

We are now buying and selling portable buildings with shutters and windows that can be used as offices.

Demand has been growing for these units, as well as storage containers, not only from businesses needing extra space on site but also from schools and other organisations in need of extra space.

These are just some examples of the versatility of storage units and portable buildings that can be located where they are needed.

But we are sure there are many more.  If you think we can help you but would like to discuss your needs with us, why not get in touch.