Ticks new eco friendlier artic with crane


Ticks new eco friendlier artic with crane

Mounting environmental concerns over the past decade, led by European legislation and low emission zones (LEZs) in major cities, are fuelling a new wave of green technology from truck and van manufacturers.

We are not yet at the stage where switching to alternatives like fully-electric powered or LPG vehicles is viable for hauliers, largely because there are not enough refuelling points.  For example, there are only two LPG-supplied petrol stations for HGVs between London and Birmingham.

But that doesn’t mean we hauliers can do nothing to contribute to efforts to reduce emissions and environmental pollution.

Ticks is in the process of having a new articulated crane lorry custom-built.

It will be much more fuel-efficient than older models and will also be fitted with a bigger job so that we can lift the large steel beams used in many construction sites, particularly in London.

So, in three months’ time, when we get the new vehicle, we will be able to meet the new emissions charges being introduced in April in London, and we will be able to better meet the needs of our construction industry customers working in the confined spaces of inner city London but still needing the capacity of lifting the heavy steel beams that are a feature of modern construction.

This new vehicle will be an addition to our fleet, so we will still be able to meet the needs of our existing customers.