Paying attention to safety and security is important in the haulage industry

Transporting goods is not simply about getting consignments to and from their destinations on time.

A HGV is a large, heavy and therefore potentially lethal vehicle if not driven carefully, so in addition to ensuring that consignments are securely looked after, we also have to be mindful of the safety and security of all those who are on the roads when we are and also during loading and unloading at the depots.

So our lorries are checked regularly and kept in good, roadworthy condition. We also check our drivers’ licenses every six months, to ensure they are permitted and safe to drive and not a danger to other road users.

All our drivers are also fully trained on fork lift trucks, an important consideration when they are unloading in busy yards.

When it comes to the security of consignments from other countries, all shipments must have a CRM contract.  CMR stands for ‘Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par la Route’ it is the consignment note and it must specify the rights and obligations of all those involved: the shipper, the carrier and the addressee.

There are usually four copies of the CMR note, one of which travels with the consignment all the way to its destination and the information it must include is:

  • the date and place at which the CMR note has been completed
  • The name and address of sender, carrier(s) and consignee (the person to whom the goods are going)
  • A description of the goods and their method of packing – this should be acceptable to both consignor and consignee (however, for security reasons, you do not always want the carrier to be able to identify valuable goods)
  • the weight of the goods
  • any charges related to the goods, such as customs duties or carriage charges
  • instructions for customs and any other formalities such as dangerous goods information

In addition, we have to have special CMR insurance cover that enables us to carry cargo legally within European nations. While it is a legal requirement it also helps protect us in case of damage or loss or theft of the goods. 

All in all we do everything we can to make sure that not only are the goods we’re transporting are safe but also the people involved.