RHA urges the Government to focus on Brexit essentials for the haulage industry

Time is running out to ensure a smooth transition for the transport of goods once the UK leaves the EU, says the RHA (Road Haulage Association).

The RHA has produced a document listing the crucial unanswered questions covering Customs formalities, Lorry access regulations and labour.

A big worry is the length of time hauliers may find themselves having to wait to pick up and discharge loads, particularly at UK ports.

It will not only impact on the speed with which deliveries can be made for customers, but also on the welfare of drivers.

With waits of up to 48 hours in queues being predicted at Dover, for example, no thought has been given to welfare facilities such as access to food and toilets. Not only this, but drivers are limited by tachographs to a maximum number of driving hours per day.

It says that making sure that the safety and welfare of drivers is properly taken care of is critical, but also that “transport businesses and traders need have clarity on how the border is expected to operate and their role and responsibilities in making it work.”

The RHA also believes that “emergency and free online based customs training will be needed” given that there are likely to be new regulations at ports and that there need to be new additional locations for customs offices.