RHA Campaigning

The RHA continues to campaign to improve conditions for the haulage industry and  among other things is focusing on costs ahead of the upcoming budget.

Ongoing campaigns include making it easier for businesses to do business through lower costs and simpler regulation and removing obstacles to doing business internationally.

In June the RHA has announced it will be taking part in The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge on Thursday 20 June.

The event will take place at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire – and will promote the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) across the logistics and warehousing sectors.

The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge promotes how inclusivity can be tackled collaboratively and collectively. This year will see new fun physical, mental, and skill-based activities put to teams.

New challenges include:

– The Big Diversity Sports Day which will feature sack racing, skipping and beanbag balancing

– Golden Bungee Balls will put teams in a head-to-head endurance test where they need to retrieve as many golden balls as possible while bouncing across a giant inflatable

– Toxic Jigsaw will see the teams navigate a giant 150-foot-long inflatable in pairs and complete a jigsaw

– ID Parade tests teams’ recognition and memory skills to identify celebrities

– Mortar Attack sees teams navigate their way through hazards and launch a rocket – streaming a smoke trail up to 1000 feet into the air – before making their way back to their crashed shuttle

– Semaphore Whisper is a game of Chinese whispers using a flag semaphore with teams split into three groups, one responsible for delivering the message, another deciphering it and the final confirming the final communication

– A Silent Disco dance-off

The challenge is also a platform for attendees to share best practices and network to help shape a more inclusive sector.