Our business efficiency depends on our being able to deliver on time

January 25 was National Pothole Day!

One of the election manifesto pledges made by our now newly-elected government was to spend  up to £25b to upgrade key roads across the UK over the next 5 years, or which £2b would be spent on fixing the ever-growing problem of potholes.

Motorists will know the damage they can do to cars, but they can affect lorries even more severely.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is pushing the Government to honour its pledge. 

Now that the decision to leave the EU is nearing being finalised the haulage industry will need to be even more competitive and efficient than it already is.

But that means that the roads we travel on must be fit for their purpose.

The FSB (Federation of Small Business) has calculated that local authorities received over 700,000 complaints about potholes and other road defects during 2018, that’s a pothole complaint every 46 seconds!

RHA Policy Director for England and Wales, Duncan Buchanan, said: “It is vital for road safety, and the competitiveness and productivity of UK businesses that highway authorities properly maintain our roads.”

For the sake of our customers, we can only support this demand for urgent action.