Hiring a lorry-mounted crane

Many businesses have an occasional need for something heavy to be transported either to or from their sites.

In these circumstances having their own lorry-mounted crane sand a suitably qualified driver may not be cost-effective.  However, there is a solution and that is to hire a lorry-mounted crane and driver from Ticks. 

We have a 50-tonne meter lorry-mounted crane that is suitable for up to two tonnes at 16 metres. That is enough to lift and transport a shipping container. On one occasion a private client who was moving home rented a container to hold the contents of their home and we shipped it for them.

But it is not only containers that the crane can lift.

Among our recent jobs has been lifting a condenser onto a roof for a client and lifting wooden, ready-assembled eaves and RSJs (Rolled Steel Joists onto buildings for construction companies.

We are often called on by engineering companies to transport and deliver heavy pieces of equipment they have constructed to order for clients.

Another favourite is portable buildings and we have shifted and positioned classrooms for schools and cabins for construction companies. Sometimes, construction companies also hire our crane for the day to work on site and help with putting up buildings.

Then, of course, there are boats. Most recently one of these jobs involved picking up a boat from Manningtree and delivering it to Southampton.

These are just a few examples of the types of heavy equipment that our lorry-mounted crane can move, so why not get in touch with Ticks if you want something heavy shifting.