Haulage facing the future

The Road Haulage Association has launched a number of initiatives aimed at preparing for the future of road transport in the face of environmental protection needs.

The Net Zero Forum will bring together members, industry experts, policymakers, and environmental organisations to collectively produce industry’s roadmap to Net Zero.

It will share information on technology advances, best practice and research into sustainable transport.

Among the goals for improving road transport are reducing levels of nitrogen oxides to within the legal limit of 40 nanograms per cubic metre. This is a target set by government for all road vehicles.

In terms of CO2 emissions, the Government’s long-term goal is to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles

The RHA will also be holding a Forum for the Future in Birmingham in September.

It will “bring together more than 20 key figures speakers from industry, government and aligned sectors”.

The aim is to make the industry fit for the future and to help haulage companies find ways to make their business fit for the future.