Goods are flowing into UK ports and roads are busy

The Coronavirus outbreak caused massive disruption to the global supply chain as many countries locked down to contain the virus and exports almost completely dried up.

Now, however, things are starting to move again and supplies are once again coming in through UK ports.

Although our activity is at around 80% of our pre-virus levels, we are transporting a great deal of fresh fruit and vegetables to supermarkets around the country, collecting from local ports.

One thing we have noticed is that the roads are becoming busier than ever.

We are finding that people are using private vehicles even more, perhaps because they are still very wary of using public transport.

Also, as more people are opting to take their holidays in the UK because of the various travel restrictions and quarantine requirements when returning from various countries, and also because schools are expected to return to normal in September, this is adding to the busy time on the roads

However, the goods are still getting through and some sense of normality is returning.