A difficult start to the new year for hauliers but things are settling down

January 1 marked the UK’s final separation from the EU, and for hauliers this proved to be a little problematic at the start.

For the first two weeks, we were unable to work while hauliers and ports got to grips with the massively increased paperwork needed to deal with consignments from overseas.

Some also found it difficult to drop empty trailers at ports.

However, thankfully, this situation has quickly eased and hauliers are able to get on with the task of collecting and delivering consignments to customers.

Another helpful development has been that many motorway services are able to offer rapid flow testing for Coronavirus to drivers, making it easier for them to pass through the ports.

The Road Haulage Association website has a useful section keeping people up to date on developments for international operators.

You can find it here